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Cut and Crown means Perfect Crown Molding

August 31, 2011

Of course our first blog has to be a plug for our great crown molding jig, it is actually more of a system than that of a jig but it all comes down to the use of the jig to make perfect crown molding corner cuts everytime!!

So while we are supposed to be sharing our day and our work today on this fine blog, we figured maybe just this once we can talk only crown molding and only our fine crown molding product!

First, you have to take a look at what the product is, laze around the site a little and tell us what you think, did you find the information you were looking for? Did it showcase our product well enough? Do you now know how to go out into your work shop and cut a perfect crown molding corner?? Of course we kid about that last part, while we make crown molding easy we can not make miracles. You would have a better idea of what crown molding is and an idea of how to install it but you would certainly need our product to make it perfect.

So we show you how to find the angles for your corners, and this is helped by using our angle finder, step one. Then you need to know the spring angle of your molding, step one B! Then you use the corresponding crown molding jig to make the cut on your miter saw. Easy as that. Now I say that but of course there are always little details that you will learn along the way. That is the best part of learning anything new, all the personal learning touches you add along the way. Of course you follow my detailed instructions once you buy the kit and you will not even really have to think for your self. So go to and learn how to cut crown molding. Good Luck and when you finish your first room with crown molding, your wife or significant other will thank me in the end.

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