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That long winded woodworking project

September 1, 2011

Alright, we have all been there. We knew we had the know how. We knew we could build it better and cheaper than any other man or company. We knew we could convince the beautiful wife it would look great in the kitchen(fill in your room here). But most of all we knew it would take two weeks tops. And unfortunately we made the additional budget promise to our wife and children too. “No baby it will only take me 200 dollars, and two weeks-Guaranteed.”

Ohh, you didn’t use the guaranteed word did you. I know I did a few times here and there. But it was going to be so easy. I already either had the hardware, the wood or some part so the price was going to be low. I am a master woodworking so the time will fly and I will accomplish big things fast!

Not to mention the department store had a lesser version of that product for four times the price. In fact I don’t think it was even real wood, it was that pressed “fake” stuff, right?? Oh yea we have all had that thought courageously stomp through our head. As if to repeat our mantra “I can build it better and cheaper, no problem….”

Funny thing about that I even started using the terminology, “sorry honey”(to my wife), “I just can not buy this cheap piece of “sh#$” when I know I can do it so much better for soo much less.” Ugh, that was the day I even started thinking therapy could help me!!

Back on track to the subject, though its all blending in to the bottom line. That bottom line is, it has been 6 weeks on a two week project and you are past the budget. Not too far past though, right, just a few bucks, because you quit adding expenses three weeks ago!

I do remember the ones that hit all time and money projections. I remember the day I started inflating my budget and extending the time I would need. To me it was a personal stroke of genius. I would simply double my bdget and triple the time I needed and if my wife says no, I saved my self some heartache. Though funny thing is she still gives it her approval and the projects now run undre budget and on time. Hmmm I love the beauty of experience in my life.

So whether its crown molding,(a specialty of mine), cabinets, furniture, you name it, remember from me and all of the other very experienced woodworkers out there. Inflate it all to the big boss(your significant other).

This is my invention, it is pretty cool stuff:

The cut and crown is a crown molding system of a jig to match you crown molding angle & an angle finder to discover your crown molding outside corner or inside corner angle. Using one crown molding jig you set your saw once to half the proper crown molding corner angle cut to the proper angle and then cut the adjoining piece on the same jig only on the back side. This creates a perfect joining crown molding corner with out using a coping saw, a crown molding calculator, no use of crown molding charts, and never using a compound angle on your miter saw. Of all miter saw accessories, this miter saw jig will demonstrate how to install crown molding the easiest and simplest possible way. Find it here

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