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You, maybe a cabinet maker or some woodworking guy, my new favorite person

September 8, 2011

It is funny how hard it is to run a business.  While some people will never know what it feels like, or may never want to know, it is all I know.  The struggles that come with the every day decisions that have to be made and then the realization every one needs to get paid by the end of the week. I Wonder where that money is coming from.  Of course, that is where you come in, yea, you, my favorite new person.  You see whether you are a woodworker, a cabinet maker, a carpenter, or just the weekend warrior do it yourselfer, you are my new best friend today and for the life of my product when you decide to buy it.

Funny hearing it that way of course but when you purchase a product from some one they had better appreciate it.  And, of course, I do.  Hence you are my new favorite person.  Of course on the flip side I may become your new favorite person in about 3 to 5 days when that cutncrown package arrives in the mail and you are unwrapping one of the best inventions to ever grace the crown molding industry.  When you are spending only minutes learning how to cut crown molding to give you a lifetime investment of beauty into your home, cabinets or where ever you decide to place your crown molding, you may look up to the heavens and thank me for this wonderful invention.   Even if you do not quite get cutting the crown moulding right away and have some technical difficulties figuring out how to use my crown molding jig we are here to help, call.

Cut N Crown Deluxe Kit, purchase it at

Our Deluxe Kit, purchase it here,

So my new favorite person, what is your project?  Are you adding beauty to the house? Is it time to finish those cabinets you installed last year?  You know, some people even use my crown molding angle finder and system to finish off their closet? A closet? Really? I love it.  Why not have beauty all around you and think of the value it will add to your home.  One room with crown molding in it adds thousands of dollars of perceived value. Not to mention the looks your friends will give(those are worth a thousand dollars on their own).

So no matter who you are or what you are using my crown molding jig, angle finder, DVD and all the other components for just know that as soon as you purchase, it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!  Thanks!

About our product: The cut and crown is a crown molding system of a jig to match you crown molding angle & an angle finder to discover your crown molding outside corner or inside corner angle. Using one crown molding jig you set your saw once to half the proper crown molding corner angle cut to the proper angle and then cut the adjoining piece on the same jig only on the back side. This creates a perfect joining crown molding corner with out using a coping saw, a crown molding calculator, no use of crown molding charts, and never using a compound angle on your miter saw.  Of all miter saw accessories, this miter saw jig will demonstrate how to install crown molding the easiest and simplest possible way. Find it here.

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