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Crown Molding Insider information: New Site is on the way.

September 16, 2011

If you have ever taken on a new project, one that you have not even attempted in the past and have now experience what so ever? We all have right? We take on the project and try, very persistently to get it right. As young tykes we took em on all alone, no fear we can do it we can do anything…

As grown, maybe still not so smart, but more experienced men and women, we learned. We learned maybe not from an exact same experience but from an experience that it helps to have the right help. If you are not sure, ask, and really now a days it makes it even easier to ask; forums, message boards, youtube, blogs, you name it you can find a helpful and sometimes not so helpful answer out there, but if you look in the right place and find enough answers you can gather which are the right ones and which are the wrong ones.

Well back to my project, my new project I had no experience on. It was my website. It is called and I have hyperlinked this entire sentence just so you can visit it! Haha. Well that site you visited is my old site and it is quite lovely if I do say my self but we wanted to take it to the next level. We are getting a little more interactive with you and also give out some more very informative stuff!!(You can find more information!!) This of course is good. We realize how frustrating crown molding can be for any do it yourselfer and we know contractors now a days are under pressure to perform faster better for less money. So we are addressing your needs. We want you to have a product and know how to use that product that can help you achieve success. So it is coming, and we are excited and we hope you are too!

And back to that project experience, I found that guy, a web guy that helped me with my project, you should check him out he is doing a great job, he is on my site too!

About our product: The cut and crown is a crown molding system of a jig to match you crown molding angle & an angle finder to discover your crown molding outside corner or inside corner angle. Using one crown molding jig you set your saw once to half the proper crown molding corner angle cut to the proper angle and then cut the adjoining piece on the same jig only on the back side. This creates a perfect joining crown molding corner with out using a coping saw, a crown molding calculator, no use of crown molding charts, and never using a compound angle on your miter saw. Of all miter saw accessories, this miter saw jig will demonstrate how to install crown molding the easiest and simplest possible way. Find it here.

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