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Our new how to cut crown molding poll, what do you think?

September 19, 2011

When I meet with another fellow woodworker we always have one thing in common beyond our woodworking. We both are set in our ways. Woodworkers are one of the most stubborn people I know, myself included. If any of us are to change our mind about anything you had better be one of the best Jedi knights in the galaxy and even then not even the best Jedi mind trick will do. You had also better be able to show us with a saw.

Beauty added by Crown molding

Learn to install crown molding, easily and perfect, everytime, <a></a>

I am not a Jedi knight but luckily I have the best tool in the world to cut crown molding. I have a DVD that gives you a step by step on how to cut crown molding perfect every time. I have an angle finder which tells you the angle you are going to cut your crown molding. I have a roller guide system that holds those sixteen foot lengths of crown molding. Most of all I have a set of jigs that set up your crown perfectly on your miter saw and never have you make a second adjustment on your saw. That removes human error. Oops, did I say human error, I know you would never make a mistake, maybe I meant tool error, yea there you go, it eliminates tool error.

So needless to say over the years as I have demonstrated the cutncrown system, I have changed some minds on how to best cut crown molding. Not every mind though, so to gauge how many people do crown molding their own way, I have come up with this poll, check it out, give us a quick vote and if you are still cutting your crown molding with out the cutncrown system, give us a second look. You would be surprised how easy it is and how much time/money you could save with it.

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