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Cutting Crown Molding, But First how about that Spring Angle

October 3, 2011

I have seen and been a part of some great crown molding installations. I love the finished product and I am pretty sure I have not ever seen the homeowner not like the crown molding in their home! They 100% always love it. I use to love when I was building a home and the house was coming along well and we finished the interior up minus the crown molding and other trim. The homeowner would peek their head in and be like oh the place is really looking good. Then they would come back a week later after the crown molding was installed through out every room and the reaction would change dramatically.

It would be at this point the homeowner would exclaim wow I am home.

Yes you are, yes, you are….

Crown molding add dramatic to a home

This Dramatic entrance is brought to you by Crown molding!

People love the dramatic upsell given to their home with the addition of crown molding. You should try it too. Click here to find out how to learn it in minutes with our system.

I love a shameless plug for our site.

But you know it is not as simple as “go buy” and “go do”, right?

Of course you know this, everyone knows life is not made up of simple events that lead into a dramatic end results. Wait a second, am I pulling the wool over your eyes right now. That is exactly what life is. Your learn the small steps, take them and wallah(sp?) there you have it.

Well one of the first small steps you are going to take with crown moulding is deciding what spring angle is going to work best for you and of course determining what the spring angle of the molding you are buying is.

First decision, let us decide what spring angle your room should have. How high is the ceiling? real high? if it is then we need to look at bringing that angle out a little further so everyone gets a great view of the crown from way down below. Is the room a short room, is that tall guy almost hitting his head? Well if that is the case you can bring the crown back in towards the walls because everyone has a great view! And of course if the room is average, not too short, not too tall, then you can use a spring angle somewhere in the middle, go to my site and look for spring angle, we will tell you all about it!

Second Decision, you are standing at the store and have no idea how to find out what the spring angle of the crown moulding you are looking at is. So now what you ask? Well did you check the tag under the crown molding. Of course you did that very first thing and it says nothing. unfortunately alot of times you are lucky if it tells you the price and the wood type. Well you can find amusement in asking the guy wondering around(and no offense to any of those guys reading this) but unless he is a trained expert he is not going to be able to answer you very well. So those in the industry utilize an angle finder to determine this and while I know it is not fun to carry one around, in this case you may have to(its only one trip to the wood store). Again once you pull it out let me show you how to use it at my site.

So the common theme here. One- Crown molding is awesome. Two- you can learn how to cut crown molding yourself. Three- Find out how at my site, you were supposed to click back there!

About our product: The cut and crown is a crown molding system of a jig to match you crown molding angle & an angle finder to discover your crown molding spring angle, outside corner or inside corner angle. Using one crown molding jig you set your saw once to half the proper crown molding corner angle cut to the proper angle and then cut the adjoining piece on the same jig only on the back side. This creates a perfect joining crown molding corner with out changing the settings on your saw, using a coping saw, a crown molding calculator, no use of crown molding charts, and never using a compound angle on your miter saw. Of all miter saw accessories, this miter saw jig will demonstrate how to install crown molding the easiest and simplest possible way. Find it here.

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