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Great People, Great Nation, Great Crown Molding

October 21, 2011

When we first created the Cut-N-Crown system the hardest part was trying to let the people know. Here we had the worlds first jig that could take all of the guess work, hard math, and complicated coping cuts right out of the equation of installing crown molding but no one knew about it. What could we possibly do to start to show the world our great product for all types of crown molding?

Cut-N-Crown is crown molding installation made easy

The picture shows the Cut-NCrown jig at work, holding the crown molding stock perfect for your next miter saw cut.

We took it directly to the people. Listen if you were to walk into home depot right now and see our product on the shelves you would ask yourself, “what is that and why would I ever need that?” We understand that. So what we wanted was a way to let you see it in action, to be able to answer your questions and really grasp why this product can save you time and money. The way we knew we could do that was to hit the streets, and boy did we. Our inventor and crown molding master Sheldon brought his product to every trade show having to do with woodworking in any way. By doing this everyone had a chance to experience the cut-n-crown way.

When folks saw the product they realized that in fact they did have questions and did have concerns so they asked away, and every question had an answer and every concern was put to rest and they began to purchase the system by the thousands. Then they let us know how they felt about it. The testimonials came rolling in, never once did we have a request for a return, everyone loved the way their crown molding installation went. Never an unhappy customer. Well I should not say never. Once we had one request for a return. The nice gentleman some how found a way to cut his jig in half. Hmmm, really? In half. No questions asked on that one… haha.

The great experience of bringing our product to the people though. The people. Every City in every state. The first year it was the inquisitive, question asking, some times cynical folk. By the second year it was the return customers, the referrals, the positive reinforcement of successful cut-n-crown owners. Now after 7 years it is the happy response during almost every demonstration given at every show we do, one person saying yep it does do that, yep it is the best, yep I install crown molding in minutes and if you don’t buy Cut-N-Crown you are missing out of time and money savings!

Great people across this great nation, hard working do it yourselfers, craftsman, business owners and the like. People that still know and understand what great craftmanship means and still work hard to achieve it. Our system is not about taking the shortcut or “cutting corners” per se, it is about properly finding your angle the easiest possible way, cutting your crown molding so perfectly it has no choice but to match up perfect, and ending up with a great looking crown molding in any room, cabinet or project you want.

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