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As Always Featuring Crown Molding

November 21, 2011

This home listed is featuring Crown Molding

Featuring Crown Molding

Ran across this home at some random website. It caught my eye though because it made the news page of google when I searched for crown molding. It is funny how crown molding can bring that extra added bonus to selling a home.

Crown Molding Throughout!

Crown Molding Throughout! Not My Style, but that Crown Molding Brings out the extra beauty

When I was building home and would work with clients one on one on the specs that would need to go into their homes, when it cam to granite, they were immediately “oh yes”, when it came to high end wood cabinets, they were like “oh yes, yes we have to have it.” and when it came to crown molding they stopped in their tracks and had to discuss it if they could afford it…. How funny, granite, high end cabinets are both expensive upgrades to a home and of course some installers make crown an expensive upgrade too but it is truly amazing how the perception of having crown molding through out your house is still the next level. Once you have put crown in your home you have locked in a value and perception few other upgrades bring.

This georgeous colonial home is sold on many different points, mature trees, hard wood floors but do you notice how the crown is there as a talking point and the picture taken in the great room makes sure to include that perfectly installed crown molding.

I bring this up because it is amazing how homeowners think crown is that unattainable upgrade for their home. Whether they think they can not afford it. Which we all know they can using using our system or they think it does not fit in their home, the comment is “oh our house is too small to carry crown molding and look right” but those of us in the trade will tell you this is why they make different widths crown molding and they make different spring angles crown molding. These attributes allow crown to fit any where and make any home look grand!

Go ahead take a look at our site and see if you have the ability to take on this surprisingly simple project. If you do not feel your DIY skills can take it to the next level, go ahead and call a professional and discuss the possibilities with them. You will be surprised what they can suggest and do with your home.

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  1. Great Landscaping here at this house, we must have been there!

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