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Amateur Cabinet Maker & Crown Molding Installer

December 12, 2011

This is a story of an amateur crown molding installer, we also will add it is the story of his first cabinets too. Please take a look:

It is a pretty simple layout, nice, but simple. Obviously, as we are crown molding folks, these cabinets are missing something. Where is the crown molding? Well it turns out that these cabinets went without crown molding for about 6 months all due to a disagreement on the type of crown molding that was to go on them. We all know where these disagreements begin when you are a do it yourselfer. That is right, it comes from the contractor(husbands) and the client(Wives). This was no different as this fine amateur woodworker told us the couple came to an impasse on what style they wanted to line the top of their cabinets and he went on strike.The next bit of information is something else we woodworking types know well. The contractor never wins the strike nor is the compromise rarely ever in the favor of the husband. Experience teaches us that. Well in the end the purchase was made, a nice 3 plus inch crown on a 45 degree spring angle. It was stained and finished exactly as the cabinets had been and it turned out quite nice.

Learn How to Install Crown Molding On Protruding Cabinet Sides-

Not too many crazy angles on the install so he felt it would be simple enough. But what he didn’t realize is that 1/8 inch lip on the edges of his cabinets with not allow his crown molding to run smooth on the sides of his cabinets. I will stop right here and ask every one reading this, how would you have handled that situation? I should create a poll to find out the answers. Can you tell by the next picture how he moved forward on the cabinet crown?

Yea, he placed it on top of the cabinet. Good job recognizing that. He was upset with himself though because he felt he did it all wrong as the flash on this picture shows, it is not perfect. The little bit of gap he has can be frustrating for this type of crown molding install. Most likely what he did here was did not set up his backer blocks properly behind this crown molding.Catch up with us next time as we take a further look at this project and if you want to be able to install crown molding yourself please visit our website and in minutes with our jig, we will have you installing crown perfect!

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