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New Year! New Crown Molding?

January 3, 2012

When we look at our new years resolution we think, fitness. Ha. Fitness. We laugh because, honestly everyone was thinking we should be thinking home improvement, new crown molding, let the people know they should cover every room in their home with glorious crown molding…. Nah.

Well let me rescind that statement. Of course you should. And I hope you are planning it. But boy after all of those big holiday meals and the extra something something we are seeing in the mirror. It is time to hit that gym.

Dumb Bells or Mitre Saw, Choose Your Weapon

Dumb Bells or Mitre Saw, Choose Your Weapon, This picture of Dumbbells is to remind you the gym can be hard, on the other hand we can make crown molding easy. So which is the better resolution?

Oh, so… what are you fearing more. The trip back to a gym or that home renovation. Hmmm. Sore for days, alot of physical work similar to a hamster on a wheel and months and months and months of pain and suffering until you even see the slightest of results. Ok then. We go back to the favorite subject of, renovation, home improvement, maybe some new crown molding somewhere in your house. So what room are we starting with? Much better resolution, cutting and measuring angles of the crown molding can be made easy by using us, the results will be nearly instant and the pain had better be non-existent. Did we mention a nicer home and happier partner!

Are you a first timer or an experienced craftsman? What level of help do you need from us. How can we help? What questions are buzzing in your head that need to be answered before you can start. You know, we all can remember having that guy. The one that had all the answers and all we had to do was ask. For some of us it was our father, our uncle, some uber smart mentor that had been there done that. Luckily now-a-days that uber smart “being” is youtube! Go ahead ask it any question you want but if you have a question about crown molding, ask us. Whether you are putting crown molding in your bathroom, crown molding on a ceiling, crown molding on a fireplace, on a book case, any where, any angle, any size, any profile and we can help you. We are crown molding and everything that comes with it. After over ten years of talking with people attending wood shows, we have seen it all and been asked all the hard questions. So don’t worry we have the answers for how to install crown molding.

As for the first trip to the gym, well, I hope we don’t see you on the couch anyway. At least make it to the workshop, it will make your wife happy in one way. Good luck with all of the others!

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