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Coping Crown Molding Takes Too Much Time

January 14, 2012

So Imagine that every thing you did in your life was done the hard way. Picture it with me. Hmmm lets think what is easy in your life but you would prefer to make it hard. How about dialing the phone. When you push a button on your phone it goes beep and dials immediately. How about we go back to the old rotary dial. Press your finger into the slot for the nine and slowly roll the dial around and make sure you go all the way otherwise your phone may think it was an eight and after rolling out ten of those dials and taking about a minute, oh darn dialed the wrong number let’s start over again. That… would be a huge waste of time. Here is another one. Let us remove your dish washer. We have a dishwasher, as do most homes that have seen a renovation in the last 25 years. Funny thing is though I still watch my mom washing dishes when she visits. I laugh because while she spends a half hour prepping, running water, scrubbing, rinsing, drying and putting away those dishes, I spend about two minutes loading and about 1 minute unloading the beloved dishwasher.

Fresh Cut and being help up to show you how perfect crown molding is using Cut N Crown

“It is just the way I like to do it” she will say. Listen if it is comforting to waste time and hence money, then please do keep your creature comforts, but do you mind if we try and move on to learning new things and improving how we do old things.

That was a great segway to what is on our minds today here at Cut-N-Crown. As most of you know we are crown molding people. Many years ago we were simple crown molding creating and installing crown molding what was thought of the “simple way”. Though if you remember all of those years ago crown molding was anything but simple. Complicatedly simple, right? “complicatedly” We love making up our own words, or is that a word on its own, not sure, probably does not matter(back to Crown Molding now).

Crown molding was hard and it was only after many years and much experience were we extraordinarily good at it. Our clients would say great. It was unexceptable though how much room for error was involved in the process and how hard it was to teach the people who worked for us. So we made the steps to make crown molding simple. Not the complicated version of simple but the truly relentlessly simple. Not sure if the relentlessly description needed to be there, but it is and we like the sound of it. We like relentlessly because we worked very hard to ensure that every step of the way the new how to crown molding was going to be error free and simple. Those keywords turn into time savings and time savings turns into money savings and we do that over and over for you, every time you pull out our jig.

Our system was so great that every one now has their own version of it. We promise they are lesser versions, we are the original and the best. The other mock ups of us had to work around our patented design and in doing so created cheap versions that have movements that you do want when striving for perfection. Another thing, if you have a question on that subject please immediately call us and we will tell you why. No Seriously Call, our number is on the first page of our website, we encourage the call and have the knowledge to give you true support.

Coping Cuts For Crown Moulding

Something else our crown molding jigs did. They did to crown molding what the touch tone did to dialing a phone. Our crown molding tools did to crown molding what the dishwasher did to washing dishes. They saved time by eliminating potential headaches. One of those time savers was eliminating that tedious task of coping your crown molding. It eliminated the need to even bother having to buy another tool or some other invention that makes coping easier. Yea, yet another sub tool in your already over run plethora of tools, a tool to help your tool that helps your tool. Come on, let us just eliminate the need. With the measurement of the Mite-r-Gauge and then the perfect cuts made by our crown molding jigs a coping cut on the inside corner of any crown molding is a waste of time. If the other argument of settling is your reasoning for using the cope cut on crown molding do what we do, an instant glue or even a wood glue. You own that already and the instant glue works in seconds to create a true bond.

If you are a purist and find comfort in the cope, then by all means, please continue to cope and do not think we are picking on you. That is not our intention. Our intention is to make your life easy. Enjoy it and have fun, don’t be frustrated and waste it. We want to make the project(and your life) go as smooth as possible.

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