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Woodworking is easy with the right tools

March 1, 2012
Cut N Crown is the name when it comes to cutting crown moulding

Do you remember the first time you put together your first woodworking project…. Did each dot right there represent the minutes of trying to remember it? The first project here was a mailbox. It had to be put together only using hand tools. Now some of you are laughing at that because in your time you probably only had the option of hand tools, well lets just say we had options at the time and power tools were available, but none the less, only hand tools could be used. It was woods class and the challenge was on, learn how to do it with your hands before you pull the trigger on the easy stuff, the power tools.

So we pulled and pushed the saws, we twisted the hand drill, we hammered the finish nails until we had a non-fancy looking mailbox. It took three days of class time. Not quite the woods production one would need to start up a mailbox factory. The next class our teacher let us use the power tools for the exact same blueprint and sure enough true to the title of this blog: 15 minutes later an improved version popped out of production.

If you have the right tool, life is easy. Some will argue that one gets a little more in touch with the wood if using hand tools. We would argue, if you want to get more in touch with your project and the wood, build a dog house and sleep in it, because we want the happy look on our wives faces when the project is done. That is a metaphor for we want the wood project perfect and we want that wood project done! It is not important if we are talking wood crown molding, wood shelving, wood entertainment centers, we just want to finish it. We seek that sense of accomplishment. That is done most efficiently with the right woodworking tools.

Cutting Crown Molding is much easier with these, our patented roller guides. They hold angled and non angled long stock when matched with your support stand

Cutting Crown Molding is much easier with these, our patented roller guides. They hold angled and non angled long stock when matched with your support stand.

Of course this conversation segways perfectly into our crown molding jig and how it makes the how to of installing crown molding so easy but honestly that is not what we were thinking about. We all know cutting crown molding became quite easy with the right tool(ours) but what some people still do not realize is the advantage of a tool we added some years after the invention of “thee” crown molding jig cut-n-crown. Watch below and let’s discuss:

What we love about this was one of the keys to this tool and something Sheldon mentions quickly in this video. Handling long stocks of wood. Notice we say wood here and not crown molding. Of course it will handle the long crown molding and do it best because of the angles it holds it in but you can set upright baseboard stock in this guides pockets just like a cradle. Once you set it in you can move and adjust that stock for your cut with out having to worry about the wood moving and sliding out of your guide. It was a great feeling the first time we realized this, there was over 900 feet of 5.5″ baseboard to install in the home and the stock was 16′ lengths and it was a little warped and bending all over the place. Trying to get the baseboard to sit on my guide 12′ away became a challenge and there had to be an answer to the problem. That little cradle in the bottom of this guides V shape worked perfect. We liked perfect. We sat hundreds of linear feet in this guide. So if you need help working with long wood stock remember the mantra we all love to live by, The right tool makes all the difference.

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