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Professional Builders Know Cutting Crown Molding

April 4, 2012

We Love ALL woodworkers. Broad Statement, we know, but the industry itself is full of so many great talents we wanted to throw out a big net. The tendancy for our product, cutncrown crown molding cutting jig, is to sway towards the do it your-self guys. Guys who have never touched a poiece of crown molding but are going to give it their best. Well usually after about four sticks of 16 foot molding and a lot of dollars wasted the seek us out. They seek us out because we make it simple, easy and attainable.

Now on the flip side of that if you talk to a guy who has been cutting crown molding for many many years and has installed it in the highest end of homes, he would most likely laugh at such “silliness” as using a jig to cut and install crown molding. We have met that person, at many trade shows in the past, but it is funny how they tend to stick around our booth for an extended period of time. They are very curious, and by the end of our demonstration, sometimes two demonstrations, they are buying our crown molding jig. Why you ask? Because when they realize that even the way they have been cutting crown all these years is much more complicated and reliant on their ability to hold the crown molding just right, they know they have just found a better way to be cutting crown molding. One of our favorite examples of this is below from our youtube channel:

This gentlemen uses this for his business and also teaches his guys how to cut crown molding with our crown molding jig. He said it makes the task that much more simple for them and allows him not to have to be on site while he is doing it.

We still get the naysayers around the web who do not believe they need this jig due to its price or having to lug around a tool but they forget how quickly the entire system pays for it self in material and labor costs. We would like to challenge them to try our crown jig and see for themselves how much it can improve their work flow when installing crown molding. Not to mention how quickly their guys will be able to pick up the skill. As they say in that one commercial, we are professional grade!

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  1. Ken bayley permalink

    Very impressive my brother!!!:))

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