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Crown Molding Spring Angles Simplified

April 17, 2013

Few realize it but many become frustrated by it.  If you are going to cut and install your own crown molding you have to know it: Spring Angle.  If this sounds foreign to you than please look closely at this picture.  This picture says it all.

A picture of Cut N Crown Inventor Sheldon Smith holding an example of the three different crown molding spring angles, 52(protrudes outward the most), 45 and 38(the most upright)

Sometimes unknown, crown molding has three different spring angles specifically for the purpose of showing off the crown molding specific to your application. The 52 degree angle protrudes farthest from its source in order to show the detail of the crown molding when placed in higher situations. The 45 degree angle sits perfect for levels just above the line of sight and the 38 degree angle is made for pieces that will sit at or under the level of your eyes. It is important when installing crown molding you know which spring angle works best for you.



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