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Crown Molding, Which Way Is Up?

July 15, 2013
Picture of the cut n crown molding jig custom kit package

We have been answering any question people have had for crown molding for many years.

We have heard this question hundreds, if not thousands of times during our more than 10 years of working the woodworkers show circuit across the United States. We remember the first time the question was posed very early on: It occurred after a long in depth conversation with a new DIY amateur about how to install crown molding and working around the problems he was having with out using our jig. We had him all set up with our complete deluxe kit and he was ready to conquer his living crown molding project. Then at the end of the conversation he hesitated and let it come out, almost as if he did not want to ask the question because as a beginner you can be a bit embarrassed by the things you dont know. Then it finally came: “Now Sheldon, which way is up?” -I am sorry, what was that? “You heard me,” he said quietly and maybe a bit more embarrassed, “what way is my crown molding supposed to face upon installation?” ignoring his embarrassment we went on to immediately explain how he will know. It was not until that point that we realized that is a true issue with many people installing crown molding. Sometimes we found though out our years, even the experienced pros were sometimes guessing. So since it is just us here and know one knows that you are asking the question, we will save you from any embarrassment you may feel not knowing! We will also tell you, don’t feel embarrassed, remember in woodworking the only dumb question is the one not asked! Take a look at a quick video we put together to showcase this sometimes overlooked question:

Picture of Sheldon video explaining how to determine which way is up when installing crown molding

Sheldon Smith Of CutNCrown explains how to determine which way is up in a crown molding installation

Crown Molding Installs, Which Way Is Up and… by cutncrown

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