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The GRR-Ripper From Micro Jig

August 2, 2013
Table saw safety shown here by using the micro jig GRR Ripper on a close cut of less than one inch on the table saw

The Grr-Ripper table saw 3D Push Block. Safety meets close cuts on the table saw.

We just spent an entire week in Las Vegas at the AWFS-Fair.  What a great experience to be able to meet up with so many other industry leaders in such a concentrated area.  One of our favorites when attending large trade shows like AWFS is the safety category.  As woodworkers, we all know the importance of safety and coming out of the days project with all fingers still intact! We all know that in order to make sure that happens we need safety on our minds and perfect control of every cut we make.  This is where the product that leads the way in making tight cuts on the table saw comes into our shop every time.  The Micro Jig Company has done a great job perfecting a necessity in every woodworkers safety arsenal, the table saw push stick/block.  Now to even begin to call this tool a push stick or push block is a bit of an insult to the man that invented it.  This extraordinary 3d push block, named the GRR-Ripper by Micro Jig work wonders on every cut that is completed on the table saw. Not only does it incorporate safety by protecting your entire hand but helps reduce burn by allowing a fluid smooth cut every time. Look at their youtube video to learn more than we can teach you about this great table saw “gripper.”

Learn more about Micro Jig by visiting their website:


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