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So You Want To Install Crown Molding?

September 18, 2013
how to cut crown molding cut n crown

Crown Molding adds class and value.

Adding an attractive molding is not really a necessity into one’s house. However, it can still be a significant part in the finishing process. In addition, it can definitely enhance the worth and as well as the security of your own home. Thus, offering it a more pleasant look.

Cutting molding is certainly not an easy task most particularly if you are only a beginner and still need time to practice and improve your skills. Cutting molding requires a lot of time and effort due to the fact that it involves several measurements that should be matched all together in order to arrive at an appealing result.

So for you to make it, you should be able to learn how to cut molding. Actually, there are different steps and procedures in which you should cut molding. The first one is by cutting crown molding angles. This technique is done by simply cutting the right length in proportion to the right angle. This involves two types of cutting styles. The first one is through the compound cut. In order to accomplish a compound cut, the miter saw fence must be able to be put up in a position where the miter would be cut and at the same time the blade will be slanted to be able to trim a bevel. This cutting style needs a correct calculation of the miter and bevels no more due to the fact that crown molding is also set to an average. It is also a lot easier to search for compound angle charts.
On the other hand, there is another technique also used for cutting molding. The method is called as the upside down cutting method. This cutting method is done by simply turning out the rotating the molding reversely. Having the molding set up in that kind of position will provide you a more effortless task. These done by merely making a typical 45 degree miters and then make sure that the cutting edge of the saw will rest to its bed vertically.

The cutting molding procedures will definitely be done by utilizing high quality tools from Cut-N-Crown System. The project that you are making will definitely be accomplished with the touch of professionalism and security since the tools that you will be purchasing from Cut-N-Crown System can come along with instructional DVD which can guide you to cut molding more properly.

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