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How To Install Crown Molding

October 30, 2013
how to install crown molding

Elegant Crown Molding

Installing crown molding in office or home is a great way to enhance the beauty of your office or home and also at the same time increase its value. Crown molding does not simply add glamour to your office or home but it gives a subtle elegance to it. While crown molding is an excellent way to decorate your place, it is important to know how to install crown molding.

Use the below mentioned tips to ensure your crown molding project displays your unique style.
whatever the type you choose for crown molding, installing crown molding helps to create a different tone all together for the entire room. It simply catches your eyes upwards. It adds a beautiful dressing to the house similar like any jewelry to an outfit. There are various styles to choose from depending on your taste. Whatever the artistic décor, you already have, you will surely find crown molding that suits your style.

Here are some tips to make your crown molding installation work smoothly.


Choosing your own design

As you select the design you want to use for your crown molding installation beat these facts in mind.

  1. Elaborate molding accents flat surfaces.
  2. Smooth molding accents textured surfaces.
  3. Keep the molding to proportion. Huge moldings usually tend to overpower small space. For about 8ft. high ceiling; 3 to 4 inch molding ideally works best.



Choosing proper Materials

It is significant to select the correct type of materials based on whether you’ll be staining or painting your crown molding.  The very popular and common paint materials include MDF, pine and poplar. For most of the people MDF has become the most favorite. It’s obtainable in a range of profile sizes and profiles. It is comparatively stable and also resists expansion and contraction to temperature as well as humidity changes. Stain grade materials are usually made from the hardwood. As caulking is not an option, stain grade type of crown molding requires quite accurate cutting. Ash, oak and mahogany are few common choices. Accurate measurements and sawing are essential for a specialized looking finished looks.


Identify the Imperfections

Before you start the actual installation of crown molding, it is crucial to identify low and high spots on the wall as well as the ceiling. These low and high spots can actually make a lot of difference in the length and cut of the molding you require. Older houses will have sag in the ceiling and also few waves in the walls. One comparatively easy way to tackle these imperfections is to skim-coat the walls and ceiling with plaster or joint compounds after your molding is completely installed.


Cutting the Crown Molding

Precisely cutting the molding is the most important and difficult part of any crown molding installation. Besides the accurate measurements, one more tip for precise cuts is to constantly keep track of the top edge of the molding. Always make a point to visualize how will the molding look once it is put in place.


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