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Crown Moldings New Trends

January 28, 2014

how to install crown molding kitchen bravesites

The latest in the interior offering is the crown molding. It adds to the beauty of finished walls, door, windows, cupboards and broad outer cornice. Recently, they have paved their way into extensively decorated wooden trimmings where walls and ceilings combine.

The art of placing the Crown Moldings

The process of placing these moldings needs a bit of mathematical calculation to fit the point where walls and ceilings meet. The cuts in moldings have to be measured to sit perfectly where they are intended to be placed. This has become a common practice for mostly DIY home enthusiasts who like to break away from their regular monotonous look of plain walls.

You can also add these to the wardrobe trimmings or windows for an added aesthetic look. Crown moldings are design feature that instantly add value as well as elegance to the walls. To make a normal home seem upscale, just add these visual delights and transform your home into a classy space. When you decide to put this measure of design in your homes, just be sure to match it with appropriate interiors to complete the look. They look fabulous if done with a pattern and can really make over the look of your home.

Can you play around with the design?

If you are worried that you would have to use the same pattern all across your house, then the answer is a loud NO. You are free to improvise as per the requirements of your room. Use a subtle crown molding for your bedroom to make it look less imposing and on the other hand go absolutely ornate when you are doing your living room. This is the space open to outsiders and it is absolutely justifiable if you want the look to be flashy. Choose from zillions of designs available or craft some of your own. The options are limitless and the result is the same – stunning beauty.

The basic rules of Crown Molding Application

Just when you thought that you want to settle for no less and want to apply crown moldings to your home sweet home, you are faced with a daunting task of doing it right. It can give some professionals are a real task to put it impeccably on the wall and not look clumsy. All you need to do is follow some ground rules:

  • Some of the experts advise against using calculations too much as it leaves you susceptible to making miscalculations. To avoid any errors, use the simple miter saw which runs on power. Make sure to arrange the material on the saw fence at the same angle you would want to nail it in.
  • Crown molding is a complicated process and must be done with patience and precision to suit your home interiors or exteriors suitably.
  • Be sure to measure the amount of molding you would need and round it off to the nearest foot to get the measurements right.

Crown molding is a DIY project as well as something you can leave in the hands of professionals. Make your empty space into a comfortable one by installing this beautiful piece.


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