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Crown Molding In Unexpected Places: Garden

February 26, 2014
pergola crown molding

Garden pergola outfitted with beautiful crown molding.

Although crown molding is typically thought of in an indoor setting, it also can add to the visual appeal of an outdoor space. Depending on your personal tastes, molding for outdoor spaces can be modern, or a more traditional design. When decorating an outdoor space with crown molding, a pergola is a nice addition to any yard or garden. Pergolas are likely to be covered by plants or vines or even shaded by a spreading tree, adding to the visual appeal of the structure.

Arbors Vs. Pergolas

Arbors are similar to pergolas, in that they are structures that enhance landscaping. Often supporting vines or some variation of a climbing plant. Both come in a variety of sizes and styles, perfect for adding crown molding. Arbors can have arches or pointed roof-like structures, while pergolas are usually flat. Adding crown molding to either structure adds more visual appeal. Regardless of the intended or resulting purpose, pergolas and arbors are perfect for unexpected places to find crown molding.

Where to Start

Whether you are building your own, or enhancing a existing pergola or arbor, Cut N Crown has all the tools you need for  precise installation.  For more information or tips, please visit our website.

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