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Crown Molding For Interior Appeal

March 21, 2014
living room well decorated

Crown Molding Adds Appeal

Knowing how to cut molding can come in handy for those DIY home renovation lovers. Instead of having to make do with the optical illusion brought about by certain paint colors, we at Cut N Crown choose to add both texture and more elegance since we know how to cut molding and use it to its full advantage. You can do it too!

The Concepts Behind Crown Molding

Decorating your rooms with crown molding is like adding jewelry pieces to adorn your home. Here are some of our tips so you can maximize the look of your crown molding:

  • You can make a space which is tall and narrow-looking have the illusion of width by using crown molding which is a bit wider. It can accentuate the ceiling height while creating that illusion of having width to your room.
  • For living rooms in particular, you can add a lot of linear details using your molding. Instead of using your molding for ceilings and walls only, you can use it for the edges of your windows or even on the top of your fireplace. If your living room has a color blocking look, you can use molding to add more dimension to your space.
  • Thinner molding pieces can be used for the sides of your exposed staircases, and to give a more unified feeling, you can use the same color molding as the trimming of the ceilings and walls.
  • Crown molding with baseboards give a more elaborate and detailed look, which is great for living rooms and studies, while the more minimalist sprung crown moldings can subtly accentuate the rest of the home.
  • Experiment with colors. You can use the color wheel to find complementing colors or those from the same shade to choose which molding would look best with the paint on your walls. Usually, for small rooms, lighter colors are applicable while wider spaces can have darker-colored molding.

To make the task of cutting molding much easier, you ought to try our complete Cut N Crown system which has everything you need to cut the perfect crowns for all of your rooms.

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