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Crown Molding For Interior Appeal

living room well decorated

Crown Molding Adds Appeal

Knowing how to cut molding can come in handy for those DIY home renovation lovers. Instead of having to make do with the optical illusion brought about by certain paint colors, we at Cut N Crown choose to add both texture and more elegance since we know how to cut molding and use it to its full advantage. You can do it too!

The Concepts Behind Crown Molding

Decorating your rooms with crown molding is like adding jewelry pieces to adorn your home. Here are some of our tips so you can maximize the look of your crown molding:

  • You can make a space which is tall and narrow-looking have the illusion of width by using crown molding which is a bit wider. It can accentuate the ceiling height while creating that illusion of having width to your room.
  • For living rooms in particular, you can add a lot of linear details using your molding. Instead of using your molding for ceilings and walls only, you can use it for the edges of your windows or even on the top of your fireplace. If your living room has a color blocking look, you can use molding to add more dimension to your space.
  • Thinner molding pieces can be used for the sides of your exposed staircases, and to give a more unified feeling, you can use the same color molding as the trimming of the ceilings and walls.
  • Crown molding with baseboards give a more elaborate and detailed look, which is great for living rooms and studies, while the more minimalist sprung crown moldings can subtly accentuate the rest of the home.
  • Experiment with colors. You can use the color wheel to find complementing colors or those from the same shade to choose which molding would look best with the paint on your walls. Usually, for small rooms, lighter colors are applicable while wider spaces can have darker-colored molding.

To make the task of cutting molding much easier, you ought to try our complete Cut N Crown system which has everything you need to cut the perfect crowns for all of your rooms.

Crown Molding In Unexpected Places: Garden

pergola crown molding

Garden pergola outfitted with beautiful crown molding.

Although crown molding is typically thought of in an indoor setting, it also can add to the visual appeal of an outdoor space. Depending on your personal tastes, molding for outdoor spaces can be modern, or a more traditional design. When decorating an outdoor space with crown molding, a pergola is a nice addition to any yard or garden. Pergolas are likely to be covered by plants or vines or even shaded by a spreading tree, adding to the visual appeal of the structure.

Arbors Vs. Pergolas

Arbors are similar to pergolas, in that they are structures that enhance landscaping. Often supporting vines or some variation of a climbing plant. Both come in a variety of sizes and styles, perfect for adding crown molding. Arbors can have arches or pointed roof-like structures, while pergolas are usually flat. Adding crown molding to either structure adds more visual appeal. Regardless of the intended or resulting purpose, pergolas and arbors are perfect for unexpected places to find crown molding.

Where to Start

Whether you are building your own, or enhancing a existing pergola or arbor, Cut N Crown has all the tools you need for  precise installation.  For more information or tips, please visit our website.

Crown Moldings New Trends

how to install crown molding kitchen bravesites

The latest in the interior offering is the crown molding. It adds to the beauty of finished walls, door, windows, cupboards and broad outer cornice. Recently, they have paved their way into extensively decorated wooden trimmings where walls and ceilings combine.

The art of placing the Crown Moldings

The process of placing these moldings needs a bit of mathematical calculation to fit the point where walls and ceilings meet. The cuts in moldings have to be measured to sit perfectly where they are intended to be placed. This has become a common practice for mostly DIY home enthusiasts who like to break away from their regular monotonous look of plain walls.

You can also add these to the wardrobe trimmings or windows for an added aesthetic look. Crown moldings are design feature that instantly add value as well as elegance to the walls. To make a normal home seem upscale, just add these visual delights and transform your home into a classy space. When you decide to put this measure of design in your homes, just be sure to match it with appropriate interiors to complete the look. They look fabulous if done with a pattern and can really make over the look of your home.

Can you play around with the design?

If you are worried that you would have to use the same pattern all across your house, then the answer is a loud NO. You are free to improvise as per the requirements of your room. Use a subtle crown molding for your bedroom to make it look less imposing and on the other hand go absolutely ornate when you are doing your living room. This is the space open to outsiders and it is absolutely justifiable if you want the look to be flashy. Choose from zillions of designs available or craft some of your own. The options are limitless and the result is the same – stunning beauty.

The basic rules of Crown Molding Application

Just when you thought that you want to settle for no less and want to apply crown moldings to your home sweet home, you are faced with a daunting task of doing it right. It can give some professionals are a real task to put it impeccably on the wall and not look clumsy. All you need to do is follow some ground rules:

  • Some of the experts advise against using calculations too much as it leaves you susceptible to making miscalculations. To avoid any errors, use the simple miter saw which runs on power. Make sure to arrange the material on the saw fence at the same angle you would want to nail it in.
  • Crown molding is a complicated process and must be done with patience and precision to suit your home interiors or exteriors suitably.
  • Be sure to measure the amount of molding you would need and round it off to the nearest foot to get the measurements right.

Crown molding is a DIY project as well as something you can leave in the hands of professionals. Make your empty space into a comfortable one by installing this beautiful piece.

How To Install Crown Molding

how to install crown molding

Elegant Crown Molding

Installing crown molding in office or home is a great way to enhance the beauty of your office or home and also at the same time increase its value. Crown molding does not simply add glamour to your office or home but it gives a subtle elegance to it. While crown molding is an excellent way to decorate your place, it is important to know how to install crown molding.

Use the below mentioned tips to ensure your crown molding project displays your unique style.
whatever the type you choose for crown molding, installing crown molding helps to create a different tone all together for the entire room. It simply catches your eyes upwards. It adds a beautiful dressing to the house similar like any jewelry to an outfit. There are various styles to choose from depending on your taste. Whatever the artistic décor, you already have, you will surely find crown molding that suits your style.

Here are some tips to make your crown molding installation work smoothly.


Choosing your own design

As you select the design you want to use for your crown molding installation beat these facts in mind.

  1. Elaborate molding accents flat surfaces.
  2. Smooth molding accents textured surfaces.
  3. Keep the molding to proportion. Huge moldings usually tend to overpower small space. For about 8ft. high ceiling; 3 to 4 inch molding ideally works best.



Choosing proper Materials

It is significant to select the correct type of materials based on whether you’ll be staining or painting your crown molding.  The very popular and common paint materials include MDF, pine and poplar. For most of the people MDF has become the most favorite. It’s obtainable in a range of profile sizes and profiles. It is comparatively stable and also resists expansion and contraction to temperature as well as humidity changes. Stain grade materials are usually made from the hardwood. As caulking is not an option, stain grade type of crown molding requires quite accurate cutting. Ash, oak and mahogany are few common choices. Accurate measurements and sawing are essential for a specialized looking finished looks.


Identify the Imperfections

Before you start the actual installation of crown molding, it is crucial to identify low and high spots on the wall as well as the ceiling. These low and high spots can actually make a lot of difference in the length and cut of the molding you require. Older houses will have sag in the ceiling and also few waves in the walls. One comparatively easy way to tackle these imperfections is to skim-coat the walls and ceiling with plaster or joint compounds after your molding is completely installed.


Cutting the Crown Molding

Precisely cutting the molding is the most important and difficult part of any crown molding installation. Besides the accurate measurements, one more tip for precise cuts is to constantly keep track of the top edge of the molding. Always make a point to visualize how will the molding look once it is put in place.


So You Want To Install Crown Molding?

how to cut crown molding cut n crown

Crown Molding adds class and value.

Adding an attractive molding is not really a necessity into one’s house. However, it can still be a significant part in the finishing process. In addition, it can definitely enhance the worth and as well as the security of your own home. Thus, offering it a more pleasant look.

Cutting molding is certainly not an easy task most particularly if you are only a beginner and still need time to practice and improve your skills. Cutting molding requires a lot of time and effort due to the fact that it involves several measurements that should be matched all together in order to arrive at an appealing result.

So for you to make it, you should be able to learn how to cut molding. Actually, there are different steps and procedures in which you should cut molding. The first one is by cutting crown molding angles. This technique is done by simply cutting the right length in proportion to the right angle. This involves two types of cutting styles. The first one is through the compound cut. In order to accomplish a compound cut, the miter saw fence must be able to be put up in a position where the miter would be cut and at the same time the blade will be slanted to be able to trim a bevel. This cutting style needs a correct calculation of the miter and bevels no more due to the fact that crown molding is also set to an average. It is also a lot easier to search for compound angle charts.
On the other hand, there is another technique also used for cutting molding. The method is called as the upside down cutting method. This cutting method is done by simply turning out the rotating the molding reversely. Having the molding set up in that kind of position will provide you a more effortless task. These done by merely making a typical 45 degree miters and then make sure that the cutting edge of the saw will rest to its bed vertically.

The cutting molding procedures will definitely be done by utilizing high quality tools from Cut-N-Crown System. The project that you are making will definitely be accomplished with the touch of professionalism and security since the tools that you will be purchasing from Cut-N-Crown System can come along with instructional DVD which can guide you to cut molding more properly.

The GRR-Ripper From Micro Jig

Table saw safety shown here by using the micro jig GRR Ripper on a close cut of less than one inch on the table saw

The Grr-Ripper table saw 3D Push Block. Safety meets close cuts on the table saw.

We just spent an entire week in Las Vegas at the AWFS-Fair.  What a great experience to be able to meet up with so many other industry leaders in such a concentrated area.  One of our favorites when attending large trade shows like AWFS is the safety category.  As woodworkers, we all know the importance of safety and coming out of the days project with all fingers still intact! We all know that in order to make sure that happens we need safety on our minds and perfect control of every cut we make.  This is where the product that leads the way in making tight cuts on the table saw comes into our shop every time.  The Micro Jig Company has done a great job perfecting a necessity in every woodworkers safety arsenal, the table saw push stick/block.  Now to even begin to call this tool a push stick or push block is a bit of an insult to the man that invented it.  This extraordinary 3d push block, named the GRR-Ripper by Micro Jig work wonders on every cut that is completed on the table saw. Not only does it incorporate safety by protecting your entire hand but helps reduce burn by allowing a fluid smooth cut every time. Look at their youtube video to learn more than we can teach you about this great table saw “gripper.”

Learn more about Micro Jig by visiting their website:

2013 AWFS Fair, Las Vegas

From the map layout of the 2013 awfs fair in las vegas, this shows the Cut N Crown Booth location

Cut N Crown is at the 2013 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, Showing all attendees how to cut crown molding like the pros. Our system teaches how to install crown molding in about 5 minutes.

Every two years some of the best in the woodworking industry come together at the AWFS Fair. We at Cut N Crown are excited to be a part of it! We spend four days educating show attendees how to install crown molding using our crown molding jig with our live demo. Hundreds of kits will be shipped out of Las Vegas to attendees across the world during this show.


Crown Molding, Which Way Is Up?

Picture of the cut n crown molding jig custom kit package

We have been answering any question people have had for crown molding for many years.

We have heard this question hundreds, if not thousands of times during our more than 10 years of working the woodworkers show circuit across the United States. We remember the first time the question was posed very early on: It occurred after a long in depth conversation with a new DIY amateur about how to install crown molding and working around the problems he was having with out using our jig. We had him all set up with our complete deluxe kit and he was ready to conquer his living crown molding project. Then at the end of the conversation he hesitated and let it come out, almost as if he did not want to ask the question because as a beginner you can be a bit embarrassed by the things you dont know. Then it finally came: “Now Sheldon, which way is up?” -I am sorry, what was that? “You heard me,” he said quietly and maybe a bit more embarrassed, “what way is my crown molding supposed to face upon installation?” ignoring his embarrassment we went on to immediately explain how he will know. It was not until that point that we realized that is a true issue with many people installing crown molding. Sometimes we found though out our years, even the experienced pros were sometimes guessing. So since it is just us here and know one knows that you are asking the question, we will save you from any embarrassment you may feel not knowing! We will also tell you, don’t feel embarrassed, remember in woodworking the only dumb question is the one not asked! Take a look at a quick video we put together to showcase this sometimes overlooked question:

Picture of Sheldon video explaining how to determine which way is up when installing crown molding

Sheldon Smith Of CutNCrown explains how to determine which way is up in a crown molding installation

Crown Molding Installs, Which Way Is Up and… by cutncrown

Crown Molding Spring Angles Simplified

Few realize it but many become frustrated by it.  If you are going to cut and install your own crown molding you have to know it: Spring Angle.  If this sounds foreign to you than please look closely at this picture.  This picture says it all.

A picture of Cut N Crown Inventor Sheldon Smith holding an example of the three different crown molding spring angles, 52(protrudes outward the most), 45 and 38(the most upright)

Sometimes unknown, crown molding has three different spring angles specifically for the purpose of showing off the crown molding specific to your application. The 52 degree angle protrudes farthest from its source in order to show the detail of the crown molding when placed in higher situations. The 45 degree angle sits perfect for levels just above the line of sight and the 38 degree angle is made for pieces that will sit at or under the level of your eyes. It is important when installing crown molding you know which spring angle works best for you.


Measuring Your Crown Molding

Measuring and Marking Your Crown Molding

Who would have thought to work counter clockwise around a room, Thanks Sheldon. You can buy our crown molding jigs at

Remember when using our jig if you need help with anything you can call us, our phone number is on the top of our website and we are here to help make cutting crown molding as easy as possible.You can also take a look at our youtube site for more informative videos on how to cut crown molding!